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Georges River News

Bankstown City Council takes 2013 Green Globe for Waste & Recycling


Bankstown City Council – ‘Wheelie Good' compost and mulch giveaways

The Sydney metropolitan compost and mulch market has become saturated largely due to councils’ garden organics collection services. In 2010-11, Sydney metro councils collected over 280,000 tonnes for processing. As the Sydney compost market has become saturated, the product cost has fallen, with processors sending product further afield, increasing the logistics cost and in turn, increasing the processing costs for councils. At the same time, the Sydney community has moved away from home composting, relying on their council collection service. This is weakening the link between what residents place in their garden organics bin and the end product. Furthermore, a closed-loop approach by councils has been deemed too difficult or not their responsibility, contributing to the market saturation whilst robbing local communities of the opportunity to improve local soil quality.

In response, Bankstown City Councilexternal link has created a project for the product to be bought back for use within the local community. The products were bagged and branded to help residents make the connection between their bin and end products; ‘Wheelie Good Compost’ and ‘Wheelie Good Mulch’ with a tag line of ‘Made from the product in Bankstown Council’s Green Bins’.