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Georges River News

Coastal Zone Management Plan for Georges River is Finalised


After four years, the Georges River Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan has been finalised and is awaiting formal adoption by all councils. For a copy of the report, go the GRCZMP webpage. You can also view the GRCZMP Executive Summary and the preceding Georges River Estuary Processes Study here.

This stage involved a lengthy consultation phase both with the Georges River Estuary Management Committee, State and Local agencies and the community. Three workshops were held which developed the 9 broad aims of the study and identified 27 Management Ovjectives which relate to each of the 9 broad aims.

The 27 management objectives were prioritised and ranked based on the importance of each aim and the degree to which the objective addressed the Aims.

Each council has developed action plans relating to the key areas of focus within the estuary management plan, namely:
Water Quality 
Aquatic  and Riparian Habitat
Recreation and Amenity
Landuse Planning and Development
Bank erosion and Sedimentation
Foreshore Protection
Natural and Cultural Heritage
Climate Change and Sea Level Rise