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Kurnell 2020

Kurnell 2020


The vision of the Kurnell 2020 project is that by 2020 the condition of the natural ecosystems on public and private lands on the Kurnell Peninsula, will be improved. Toolijooa assisting with plantings June 2013

This can be achieved through the creation of bushland corridors across the Kurnell Peninsula to link Botany Bay National Park and the Ramsar wetlands at Towra Point.   Coordinated onground works will include bush regeneration, weed and pest species control, seed collection and revegetation. These onground works will be undertaken in collaboration with Botany Bay National Park, Sutherland Shire Council, Local Aboriginal Land Councils, local businesses, local communities and the broader Australian public.  

You can view the map of the project locations and get the latest news of the Projects progress.  Feel free to contact the SMCMA directly for further details.

GRCCC Involvement

The GRCCC Riverkeeper team are currently participating in the Kurnell 2020 project by undertaking foreshore restoration works along Captain Cook Drive at Kurnell.