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Improving Prospect Creek - Strategic Management Plan


Bankstown City Council

Strategic Management Plan 

The first stage of the project involves the development of a Strategic Management Plan for Prospect Creek Riparian Corridor. The plan will incorporate all existing management plans for the riparian corridor and catchment. This plan will be a comprehensive rehabilitation and monitoring strategy for the entire length of Prospect Creek and surrounds. The plan will outline the method for achieving the project objectives and the long-term goals of each Council organisation.

The plan will review the current condition of the ecological values of the creek including water quality, abundance of flora and fauna, vegetation condition, visual quality and evidence of erosion and sedimentation impacts. This review will record further opportunities for rehabilitation works, prioritise management actions and create a baseline measure of the condition of the creek. The method of assessment when conducting the review will be recorded in the plan to allow on-going monitoring and evaluation of the condition of the creek.

The second stage of the project will involve the implementation of the most important recommendations identified in the Strategic Management Plan. It is anticipated that the project will have a focus on bush regeneration and creek cleaning activities.

The project will also involve working with the GRCCC to determine ways that the GRCCC can play an active role in the project. An example of where this will take place is through the River Health Monitoring Project and the Riverkeeper Program in relation to creek cleaning / rubbish removal.

Further information about Prospect Creek and this project is available at or by contacting Tim Johnson on 9725 0758.