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How Can I Help?

Stormwater pollution can be reduced if everyone does their bit to manage the drains in the streets where they live and work.  By taking some small steps you can dramatically improve the water quality in our harbours, beaches and rivers.  Here are some actions you can taRainwater tankke to help improve the condition and health of our waterways: 

  • Don't sweep leaves, mulch or lawn clippings into the drain - use your green waste bin.  Excessive amounts of organic matter in waterways removes oxygen from the water, killing aquatic life.
  • Litter and cigarette butts belong in the bin, not on the ground or in gutters.  Cigarette butts also have the potential to leach toxins into the environment.
  • Never tip oils, paints or chemicals down the drain - take them to the tip or dispose of them at a Chemical Clean Out.
  • Only use trail bikes and 4WD's in designated areas and keep to established tracks - more paths means more bare soil that can be washed into waterways.  Additional tracks also lead to the destruction of vegetation and disturbance of native animals.
  • Remove noxious and invasive weeds from your garden to prevent them invading bushland and waterways.  The Australian Weeds CRC estimates that weeds cost Australia $3.9 billion per year in lower farm incomes and higher food costs and at least $116.4 million each year on costs of monitoring, control, management and research on weeds.
  • Never empty your fish pond or aquarium into drains or waterways.  Some of the fish (such as Carp and Gambusia) and water plants (such as Salvinia and Cabomba) sold can cause big problems in our environment.
  • Wash your car on the grass, not the street or driveway.  This will allow the water to be filtered by the soil and plants, and prevent soapy water washing into drains and waterways.
  • Don't let fertilisers and pesticides wash off from your property.  Apply carefully according to the label and only when the weather is fine.
  • Be a responsible pet owner and always pick up after your pet.
  • Install a rainwater tank and save some of that precious rainwater.  Sydney Water have lots of information on rainwater tanks.
  • Start a streamwatch group or get involved with Bushcare and get involved in protecting and caring for your local environment.

For more information on how you can protect your local creeks contact your Council.

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