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Vision: For the Georges River to be a balanced ecosystem that an engaged community can enjoy.

Mission: To be an effective not-for-profit organization which advocates by developing programs and partnerships, and by lobbying government organisations and other stakeholders to protect, conserve and enhance the Georges River.


Today's GRCCC

In 2008, the GRCCC, with funding support from the Sydney Catchment Management Authority (CMA), engaged Evans and Peck to recommend an organisational structure and operational plan to better position the GRCCC to meet current and future demands.

As a result, the GRCCC is now able to align its program of works to meet National Resource Management (NRM) objectives, as well as the objectives of the State Plan and the Georges River Catchment Management Plan.  Current State and Federal funding is directed to meeting these objectives.  As this funding is more generally granted to partnership organisations with a regional focus, the GRCCC provides an excellent organisational structure by which member councils can derive financial benefits for their commitment to the Georges River catchment.

During the past two years the GRCCC has collectively brought over $8 million worth of funding and in-kind value to Councils within the catchment.  This figure represents $6 million in urban sustainability grants, two of which were initiated by the GRCCC and were largely successful because of the GRCCC’s extensive regional network.  In addition, there has been $250,000 in recent grants awarded to the GRCCC which will flow onto member councils through the Estuary Management Program and the Community Streamwatch Project which aims to augment council run Streamwatch groups.

History of the GRCCC   

The GRCCC was formed in 1979 and consists of nine local councils, as well as agencies and community representatives within the Georges River catchment.  The GRCCC's mission is to advocate for the protection, conservation and enhancement of the health of the Georges River, by developing programs and partnerships, and by lobbying governement organisations and other stakeholders.

Each Council is represented on the GRCCC by up to three Councillors.  Over the years the GRCCC has taken on many environmental issues and has become an effective lobby group, able to represent the needs of the councils when dealing with government policies as they affect the Georges River.

 Georges River Catchment Map

 Georges River Catchment and Local Government Areas.  Source:  NSW Department of Planning