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Environmental Projects


Many residents and visitors to the area indicated their concern for the health of the river and the riparian ecosystems it supports. The following projects have been developed to address those concerns, with the aim of protecting or enhancing the ecological and biodiversity value of the river system, managing threats from pollution and exotic species, and employing natural and man-made measures to maintain or improve water quality.  




Stormwater flows at Victoria Road, Macquarie Fields

As part of a wider effort to improve stormwater flows within the Bow Bowing Bunbury Curran creek system and flood plain, and to ensure the water quality of the creek system downstream, the stormwater channel at Victoria Road, Macquarie Fields will be modified. Engineers will alter the existing stormwater channel to slow flows and to reduce the erosion of the creek banks. The banks will also be lined with rock and low scale native vegetation to further slow flows and erosion, and to act as a natural filter for stormwater flows prior to their discharge into the main Bow Bowing Bunbury Creek channel.

Milton Park - Vegetation renaturalisation

The Milton Park renaturalisation project was developed in response to residents’ expressed concerns for the protection of natural vegetation. This project involves the installation of some 40 x treated pine posts to delineate a “No Mow” zone to allow for natural regeneration of the riparian vegetation, as well as some bush regeneration work along Redfern Creek. The area is of high conservation value, as it consists of River Flat Eucalyptus forest, which is listed as an Endangered Ecological Community under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.

Woolwash, Airds - Flood control, erosion and sediment management

This project involves undertaking minor earthworks to a fire trail which runs between the suburb of Airds and the Georges River, to reduce overland flow velocities and hence minimise the amount of erosion and sediment entering the Georges River.

Helles Park - Weed and vegetation management

Work at Helles Park has begun to control exotic species and restore natural vegetation within the Georges River riparian corridor. Approximately 350 metres of Lantana has been treated and removed. The area has been mulched and primed for extensive native plantings.

Casula Parklands - Bush regeneration

Concept plans for bush regeneration works have been developed and tender documents have been drawn up. Works will begin shortly, and information regarding the design and scope of these works will be available here soon.

Kennedy Creek - Weed management

Consultants have been engaged to clear woody weeds along Kennedy Creek at two sites: between Toggerai and Church Streets, and between King and Market Streets. The works will incorporate both weed control and planting of native species.

Appin Streamwatch

The Appin Community will now be well equipped to form a Streamwatch group to look after their areas of the river with the purchase of a Streamwatch kit, including macroinvertebrate and riparian sampling components.

Upper Georges River seedbank

In an effort to preserve the local strains of native biodiversity, a regional seedbank will be established, whereby the aim will be to collect and store seeds at the Community Nursery for revegetation projects in the Upper Georges River. The sites have been identified where seeds will be harvested and the database has been established. It is proposed that the seeds will be collected during Spring of 2010.

Appin Bushland Access Controls

The most significant identified threats to bushland ecology are most often caused by people, whether careless or intentional. Controlling access to these bushland areas through fencing will help to keep damage from four wheel drive vehicles, illegal dumping and other activities at bay.