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Benefits and Outcomes

    Riverhealth Monitoring Training Day 11

The GRCCC can accommodate a range of different worksite locations (parklands, foreshores) though we prioritise sites that have toilet facilities, easy access and parking. That said, we have worked with groups at sites that can only be accessed by boat and have unique river vantages too if required.

We cater for different ranges of ability, age and conditions. The GRCCC works directly with Councils to ensure WHS and risk are managed appropriately, that sites are safe, and that proper safety and tools trainings are performed with all volunteers prior to the activity. We will work with you on an Activity Checklist and Project Plan, and our project supervisors will be able to liaise with you directly.

We can also provide:

  • an On-the-Day supervisor, including a Council officer to oversee training, logisitics and first aid
  • an electronic recruitment flyer to help you engage your employees and encourage the activity
  • a full explanation of the project aims and outcomes, including the significance of what you are doing and its benefit to the river
  • for larger or long-term projects, we will develop a Collaborators' Agreement whereby partner roles and responsibilities, and the program activities will be outlined.
  • project risk management and WHS awareness
  • in some cases, a boat or ute may be required for transport of passengers, tools or rubbish. In most circumstances we can provide both.
  • hand tools, bags, buckets, gloves, plants and other items necessary for the project
  • applicable insurance and approvals
  • reporting of the day's outcomes, and photos of happy volunteers

Contact to find out more.